Do Hurricane Shutters Increase Home Value in Charlotte?
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How to Improve Your Houses Value with Hurricane Shutters in Charlotte

Hurricane shutters in Charlotte don’t merely secure your house from severe weather, they can improve its resale price too.

There are several different styles of hurricane shutters, which we’ll go over in a minute. When you add these shutters to your residence, you’ll want to collaborate with a knowledgeable professional. For example one from Louver Shop of Charlotte who can help you find and customize the best solution for your house during a free consultation.

Here are the most common styles of hurricane shutters and the perks of adding them to your house.

Kinds of Hurricane Shutters

  • Rolling Hurricane Shutters—These are the best style of hurricane shutters, since select models can weather 200 mph winds or higher. Because rolling hurricane shutters are a permanent part of your home, you can extend them within minutes when customized with a motorized or an automated operating system. They also improve energy efficiency and protect against burglars. When not in use, these shutters curl into a small housing box above windows or doors. At Louver Shop of Charlotte, our custom LouverShield™ Hurricane Shutters feature an extra-small housing box and our unique End Retention System removes the need for storm bars.
  • Storm Bahama Shutters—These are an attractive solution to shield your coastal home from hurricanes and other bad weather. Storm Bahama Shutters are similar to wood Bahama shutters, but are hurricane rated because they’re crafted from reinforced aluminum to stop wind and debris. They create shade and introduce cold gusts when open and shield your windows and doors when closed.
  • Storm Louvered Shutters—These are a stylish way to shield your traditional-style house from severe weather. Storm Louvered Shutters are similar to wood colonial shutters but are hurricane rated since they’re made from tough aluminum. They can be bolstered with storm bars to defend your home against wind and debris.
  • Accordion Hurricane Shutters—These aluminum shutters resemble rolling hurricane shutters, as they’re permanently available. However, they’re not as good looking as rolling shutters. You also need to manually deploy and lock them together horizontally. In comparison, rolling hurricane shutters deploy vertically and don’t require being locked together.
  • Storm Panels—These aluminum, clear or galvanized steel panels are a step up from using plywood on windows and doors. However, they’re bulky and must be manually put on, removed and put elsewhere when not in use.

5 Perks of Hurricane Shutters

  1. They guard your residence. Hurricane shutters shield the most unprotected parts of your house, windows and doors, from airborne debris. They’re designed to keep glass from cracking and doors from collapsing, and to keep rain out.
  2. They can be put in place fast. Rolling hurricane shutters with automation or motorization can be put in place in minutes, instead of the many hours it takes to secure plywood or put on storm panels. Since they curl into a box, there’s no demand for extra storage area for panels. And you won’t have to worry about running to the store to buy plywood.
  3. They may enhance your home’s resale price. Hurricane shutters, typically permanent solutions including rolling, storm Bahama or storm louvered, are an appealing feature to potential buyers.
  4. They can improve your house’s energy efficiency and security. Using a couple of your shutters to block the sun during exceptionally hot temps can keep your home cooler—and could even lower your air conditioning expenses. They also shield against intruders after bad weather, or when you’re away, which is a good feature for vacation homes.
  5. They might lower your insurance premiums. Hurricane shutters could decrease your home insurance premiums nearly 10%, but the precise amount depends on your insurance company, your policy and where you live.

Whether you want to improve your resale value or guard your loved ones, Louver Shop of Charlotte can help. Our shutter experts live locally, so they get the type of weather you’re faced with. Contact us at 888-428-1415 to book your free consultation today!