What Are the Best Blinds in Charlotte to Block the Light?
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4 Best Blinds to Block the Light

Having a house full of sunshine is enjoyable. But it can also make rooms appear uncomfortable and interfere with activities, like watching movies.

Installing custom blinds is a budget-friendly way to have extra control over light. When you collaborate with a professional design consultant, like one from Louver Shop of Charlotte, your house can be just like you picture it. We’ll be with you from start to finish. From choosing styles and paints during your free consultation to professional installation.

Here are a few of the best blinds in Charlotte to block the light.

Plantation Blinds

Plantation blinds have extra-wide strips, like plantation shutters. They’re a clever way to obtain the style of shutters at an economical price.

These blinds work best for smaller windows, since they’re generally moved by cords. If you select a corded system, ask your professional about de-Light™. This upgrade decreases gaps and seams where sunshine can leak through.

Looking to use plantation blinds on big windows? Moving them is effortless with PowerView®. This innovative enhancement raises, lowers, opens and closes your blinds with a tap of your smartphone.

Plantation blinds are available in authentic wood or faux wood, as well as a range of colors and finishes. Faux wood is an outstanding selection for rooms with a lot of humidity or moisture, for instance a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room.

Plantation Shutters

When you imagine blinds, you may not instantly picture plantation shutters. But shutters deliver a similar style—with excellent natural light control and exceptional energy savings. They can be added on windows of all sizes throughout your house and are simple to open using a tilt bar.

At Louver Shop of Charlotte, we custom manufacture all our shutters in the United States to give a tight fit with your individual windows. Not only does an outstanding fit make your shutters look good, it also helps maximize light management and energy efficiency.

We provide a selection of louver widths, materials and colors so you can customize the best shutters for your home in Charlotte.

Panel Track Blinds

For modern houses, there are panel track blinds.

With an assortment of opacities to choose from, you can control how much sunlight your blinds will filter while closed. With upwards of 600 colors and prints to choose from, you’re sure to come across a solution that will complement your space.

While these blinds are suitable for bigger windows, they can be used to stand out on smaller ones in addition. Whatever size window you use them on, the panels stack neatly together when moved to allow in additional light.

Vertical Blinds

For classic Charlotte houses with expansive windows, look at vertical blinds. Up-to-date models are anything but the white aluminum vanes you may connect with this blind.

Cadence® soft vertical blinds utilize curved vanes that look like drapery. But these vanes don’t only look good. They absorb more outdoor noise so you can revel in your space in silence. And an exclusive headrail keeps them together to lower the chance of light leaking through.

Like other Hunter Douglas solutions, these blinds come in a big variety of popular colors and prints.

Create Your New Blinds with Expert Assistance from Louver Shop of Charlotte

At Louver Shop of Charlotte, we’re known for making attractive houses come to life on a routine basis. We’d love to show you just how gorgeous your home could be with custom blinds.

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