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What Are the Advantages of Security Shutters in Charlotte?

Security shutters add value and versatility to any space or business in Charlotte.

They’re sturdy, and practical for your wallet. Plus, they’re produced in a range of colors, operating systems and sizes to work with your requirements.

Best of all, they offer peace of mind. At Louver Shop of Charlotte, we ensure your shutters shelter the things that matter to you.

Start working on your own rolling shutters now by arranging a complimentary, in-home consultation with our experts. Our professionals will transport the showroom to your home, furnished with expert design advice, measurements and an everything’s-included price quote. All without any fees or obligation to purchase.

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We manufacture all of our shutters right here in the USA, so you can feel confident knowing our shutters will afford protection for years.

Here’s more reasons why Louver Shop of Charlotte products provide some of the best benefits when it comes to protection.

Energy Efficiency

Our security shutters are energy efficient. Produced from lasting materials like steel and aluminum, Louver Shop of Charlotte shutters also provide powerful insulating power. That’s real efficiency you could see on your energy bills.

Severe Weather Protection

More than a few of our security shutters are also hurricane-rated. They can help brace windows and garage doors against high-speed winds, airborne debris and huge amounts of rain.

Our LouverSafe™ Security Shutters double as hurricane shutters. These shutters are generated from tough sustainable aluminum.

Created for You

We custom produce our shutters to fix right to your doors and windows, shielding the most vulnerable areas of your home or business. With Louver Shop of Charlotte, your home or business is secured without compromising its attractive exterior.

Our rolling security shutters can be created to conform to your particular preferences. When creating yours, you can select from different operating systems and a range of colors. Whatever type you select, your shutters will fold into an extra-small housing box. That way, your shutters merge into your home’s style and design rather than becoming an eyesore.

Easy Operation

Make your shutters even better to operate by picking automatic operation. When nasty weather is advancing, you’ll be protected in minutes, not days. Start your shutters with the push of a button—instead of boarding up your windows or installing heavy storm panels.

With our LouverTite™ Shutters, you’ll be ready to fight against 140 mph winds and unlawful entry. Plus, you may even have more energy efficiency when using them on calm days.

Guard Your Home or Business in Charlotte with Security Shutters

Security shutters are a solid investment for protecting your home or business. Make the first move in securing your building today by scheduling a no-cost, in-home consultation. Our design experts will help you create the right product for your finances and needs.