What Window Treatments in Charlotte Are in Style?
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What Window Treatments in Charlotte Are in Style?

New window treatments in Charlotte can help you improve the look and feel of your household. But how do you find what window treatments balance the trendy guise you want with style that endures the test of time?

Louver Shop of Charlotte can guide you. Read on to locate one of our leading approaches.

In Now: Contemporary Style

Contemporary style proceeds with a practical layout and attentiveness to simplicity. That might sound vague, yet it’s meaningful. The contemporary grouping indeed involves a selection of styles grown over time.

While it may be difficult to define, it’s easy to locate. Visualize spaces with huge windows, clean lines in furniture and neutral colors. That’s the heart of a fresh, contemporary home.

The words modern or contemporary can force it to seem too stylish to remain in popularity. But with role models like Frank Lloyd Wright, who was earlier decorating in the style in the 1930s, it is obvious contemporary style possesses that abiding capability.

What Window Treatments Work for a Contemporary Style?

The right window treatments can help you achieve whichever style you want for your room. To evoke a contemporary aspect, stick to clean lines and taupe complexions.

Plantation shutters are one excellent option. At Louver Shop of Charlotte, they’re totally customizable. Choose the core elements, louver proportions, tone and outline to suit your home. And if you’re hoping to highlight a modern aspect, grander louvers can admit the natural glow that helps create a free, contemporary home.

More than just a brief craze, plantation shutters are built to last. And, considering they have a aspect that blends classic and modern style, they’ll see you through fads that come and go over the years.

There are further good options for window shades. Roller shades come in many hues and textures with flawless lines and easy designs emblematic of contemporary style. Woven wood shades can additionally be a exceptional fit, providing any modern home a touch of natural style.

Also if you need something distinct, panel track blinds can give a exceptional modern feel to each room in your home.

Customizable possibilities—like hardware or fabric—can help your window treatments suit the style even better. Touches of metal or wood are liked choices for residents with contemporary style.

Contemporary Window Treatments Made for Your Home

If you’re equipped to change things up and locate window treatments that copy the contemporary style you love, Louver Shop of Charlotte can assist.

Although we itemized a few choices here, we possess many other style and complexion choices for your house. Additionally with customizable possibilities, we can help you create precisely what you desire.

Give us a call at 888-428-1415 or request a free, in-home consultation with us online. We’ll be there to escort you through any of the possibilities for your space and style.