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8 Questions to Research When Youre Trying to Find the Best Plantation Shutters for Your House

Installing plantation shutters is a major investment in your home. When done right, these ageless window treatments can last a lifetime. And if you’re thinking about putting your home on the market soon, premium shutters can make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

There are a few details to keep in mind when you’re researching the best place to buy plantation shutters. Here are eight questions we suggest asking the company you’re thinking about working with.

1. Do You Offer Custom Plantation Shutters?

No two homes or windows are alike, and your window treatments should demonstrate that. Premade plantation shutters might be less expensive, but they also might not fit your windows correctly. This can compromise your amount of light control and might even decrease energy efficiency.

At Louver Shop of Charlotte, we offer professional measurements for free to confirm your custom shutters will be a fantastic fit. Also, you’ll get to make the right shutters for your house by choosing the louver width, frame style, color and more.

2. Where Are Your Plantation Shutters Made?

Plantation shutters that are made overseas are often less expensive, but there are several drawbacks. First, you never know precisely what level of quality you’ll get. And second, they can take several months to reach your doorstep. Louver Shop of Charlotte creates all our shutters at our plant in Gainesville, Georgia. Not only can you be confident you’re getting quality shutters, you’ll also have them much faster. In some locations, this can be as little as just a few weeks.

3. What About Material and Paint Quality?

The materials and paint used in your shutters can influence how long they last and even your wellness. Poor quality shutters, especially vinyl styles, are usually hollow. This can cause them to warp as time passes. And these shutters might be made with high amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can leak into the air as time goes on. Certain people are sensitive to these chemicals and may have headaches, in addition to eye, nose and throat irritation.

Whether you purchase wood or polymer plantation shutters from Louver Shop of Charlotte, you can feel good knowing they’re made from top-quality materials that are safe for your family. We use furniture-grade wood and a special polymer that’s highly energy efficient. And we complete our shutters with water-based paints and stains that are non-toxic and low in VOCs.

4. Is a Lot of Maintenance Necessary?

Louver Shop of Charlotte shutters are made to work for many years, with minimal upkeep required other than routine cleaning. Cheaper shutters may have staples that loosen or have louvers that routinely need the tension adjusted to perform properly.

5. Does It Include a Warranty?

The best plantation shutters are backed by an iron-clad warranty. You’re making a big investment in your home, so you should get peace of mind the company you get them through will back its work. Our Louver Shop of Charlotte limited lifetime warranty comes with lifetime coverage on moving parts, workmanship and the painted finish. You can be sure your plantation shutters will operate for a long time without yellowing, cracking or sagging.

6. What Do Past Customers Say?

Do your research on the company you’re contemplating getting plantation shutters from. How long have they been operating? What do their customers say about them online?

Louver Shop of Charlotte began long ago specializing in plantation shutters and providing an exceptional customer service experience. We keep talking about what makes us stand out, but we like to let our actions speak for themselves through our customer reviews.

7. What Kind of Customer Service Do You Have?

Making custom plantation shutters can require a lot of time. Our Louver Shop of Charlotte designers live in your community, so they’re only a text message away. When you work with us, we’re here to assist you every step of the way, beginning with a free, in-home consultation where you can look at shutter samples up close from the comfort of your house. There’s no obligation to order, just access to free expert suggestions. We’ll also handle custom measurements and professional installation.

8. Are There Any Hidden Fees?

When you order new shutters, you should know precisely how much you’ll be paying. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs or eleventh-hour charges. Louver Shop of Charlotte provides you with a Complete Comfort Pricing™ quote so you’ll know exactly how much your plantation shutters cost. Your consultation, measurements and professional installation are covered with your quote.

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At Louver Shop of Charlotte, we know the best plantation shutters brand is one that’s made in America from top materials, includes an outstanding warranty and is accompanied by even greater customer service. These are the values we began our company on and continue to stick to today. With your vision and our expertise, we’re certain to make plantation shutters that will perform for years. Contact us at 888-428-1415 to request your free consultation now!